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Bravo! This movie actually caught my attention from the beginning. Just the thought of anybody getting rich quick by beating the system is very entertaining to watch. How these two young poor boys who basically get their education by living on the streets (street smarts), and grow up to become gangsters by using that knowledge gained is in a weird way kind of inspiring. This just shows anybody can do anything if they put their mind to it. I know that was probably a bad example, but lets just go with it please. But I was pretty bummed that the two boys died in the end since they did all that illegal work for nothing. Even though the “bad” brother is supposed to be bad and all, I think the audience has gotten some sympathy or love toward that character. Also, I loved that one of the “gangster” had a brother who was a “goodie  tissue” throughout the movie, but at the very last scene when his brother comes back dead, the good brother kind of snaps and might do something bad to avenge his brother or something.

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