Well people, I do not know what these people were smoking when they made, this film. When I was watching this movie, I felt I was going to go blind because of how unpleasant it was to be looked at. But lets try to get back on track. So one of the first things that was noticed was that this movie is made out of photos and there was a voice over telling the story. Nothing in the world could of prepared me for this sight. So at first, the movie was a little confusing and a little getting used to because it was something that was probably and will never be done again. Each cut lead to another picture with a voice over telling the story. It was also very hard to stay with the movie not because of the pictures, but also the plot. The plot was so hard to grasp on at the beginning since nobody knows what is going on. The viewer kind of has to find clues to get an idea what is going on. What I got out of the short film is that the world is wrecked beyond belief and the scientist or sewer people were trying to time travel people back in time in their memories to get away from this mess. I do not know if that is correct, but if it is not, it should be.

Another technique that was used in this movie was that one short motion picture shot. I’m not going to lie, it raised my hopes up a little. But what are you going to do? Well I like to be an optimist so lets look at the bright side.  Probably the only positive about this movie was that it was very cheap to make because it was really only made up of pictures.  Please never again. Thank you and tune in next time.

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