After the first movie, this movie was like taking a breath of fresh air. This movie came out during the  French New Wave and it was probably its leader since it was pretty entertaining. This bold piece of work from the beginning is known for its use of jump cuts. This is when a scene changes but only slightly from one another. To see see an example of a jump cut, watch the movie Breathless (1960). Anyway, they used it brilliantly in a comedic fashion and that is one of the reasons why it worked. If a action film used jump cuts, the movie would be all over the place and would not make sense. But in a comedy, they could use it for their advantage and make these funny scenes one after another and still make it comprehensible. Another thing that made this movies stand able was  that it was in color. I love color.

One of the scenes that really brings out the use of jumps cuts was at the very beginning. When the guy was driving the car on the two way high way. It keeps jumping from scene to another while he was driving. But in each scene it shows the main character doing different things like singing or driving on the other side of the road.  Again, this technique is to show that there are different ways of showing a film. Another time this technique was useful was when they were in bed and talking or getting ready. This jump cut technique shows how time flies by and so much could be done in one room. So if you ask me this shows the appreciation of life.

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One Response to “Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard”

  1.   jemal Says:

    that was an interesting analysis of the whole film you got there
    you put in the history of the era around the film, the methods they used in the film
    what type of ideology the film was about, good job.

    I am a little confused on how jump cuts show the meaning of life? are you trying to say that jump cuts are similiar to the movie click w/ Adam Sandler where he would fast forward his life and he failed to appreciate it? if so you shouldve mentioned that. Overall it was a good analysis, though in the future i hope to read more of your interesting ideas!

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