All  I have to say is holy moly. I am a man, so I am going to admit this movie made me not sleep for like one day people.  I have never seen a Psycho movie before so I had no clue what is going to happen. But by the end of the movie, I was thinking Alfred Hitchcock is totally a genius. How he tied up the ending of the movie, it was very scary and at the same time something fresh., never done before. Well one of the things I have noticed at the end of the movie is that Alfred place hints that something is not right between the guy and his mother.  This is because the audience never sees the guy and mother actually together in a scene. The first time the audience gets a view of the mother was when she ran out to kill the detective. But the shot was taken from a high angle so the audience could not have seen the women’s face. Also, this particular shot is rarely ever scene because it is a little awkward. But in this movie it was used perfectly and personally it made that scene scarier. Also, it was very interesting from the beginning of the woman’s stay at the motel, the guy opened up the window subconsciously to let his “mother” in and do her thing I guess.

But there were some things I did not like about this movie and that is that it left a cliffhangers. Such as what happened to the cop from the beginning of the movie since he was so mysterious. It was weird that the movie went form one story to another. From the woman who stole a lot of money and running away to this guy that owns a motel. I guess its an effective way of telling a story because it kept me interested in the movie. Another thing that Hitchcock used was recurring use of bird images. For what reason, I do not know. But I am guessing it is a good one. Or maybe it is just because birds are scary on a wall? Another thing I liked was that Alfred explains what happened in the end of the movie just in case if it was too confusing for the audience like me. People like to come out of movies knowing what happened. That is all I felt that was important so read me next time when I feel like writing.

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  1.   annarodionova Says:

    Yeah, I feel like Hitchcock used birds and birds images to give us a little hint from the beginning of the movie that there is something wrong with Bates. He had weird obsession with the birds. And not like this lovely cute birds, but the weird ones. He had then all around him motel office, and every time when camera looks at them it felt like it the birds are staring right at you. Oh, creepy!
    Like you remark about the explanation in the end of the movie. I thought it was the best way to make it short and sweet. If he would just let us guessing for another two hours, movie would just be too long and the audience would lose its interest in watching it.

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