Well I have seen a couple of Science Fiction movies in my life time and I could positively say this was the best one yet. In this movie, this vegetable from space is ruining people’s lives. It’s basically making copies of people and receive all their memories and stuff when the are asleep. So than after that, it was not very clear on what happened to the original people. So this guy and this girl try to run away from the vegetables but only one makes it out, the guy. The woman fell asleep at some point and the vegetable took her memories and took over her? So in the end the guy ends up trying to warn everybody but instead looks crazy until a vegetable person was found and the people of the United States went scared. The end.

During the movie, I found it very weird that the girl who is supposed to be married is obviously flirting with another guy. And it was not the flirt where the girl like flicks her hair or something. It was full blown kissing the guy on the mouth and dirty comments, if I remember correctly. This is particularly unusual since this is the 1950’s, and woman back then were not seen as these hoochie mamas. So this was probably a shock to the public. Another thing that stood out was the fact that the guy accepted it and flirted back.

One cool scene from the movie was the scene where everybody was in the town square looking normal until one moment they all started to walk slowly to the center and these trucks came with vegetables. I thought it was a good shot because it was so easy to make but at the same time so effective. This showed how these people look and act normal, but they are not normal.

So I guess the moral of the story is to NOT eat your vegetables. Good day.

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