In the movie “Umberto D” by the Italian director Vittorio de Sica did some crazy but unique stuff with this film that was usually unheard of. Well, one of the major things was that he casted really only non-professional actors including the main role played by Carlos Battisti. When I heard this, I was really surprised since he did such an incredible job performing his part for a noob. Another unusual thing that kind of stuck out like a sore thumb was the entire ending. In all my life, I have never even heard a whisper about such an ending like this. It went like this, this guy just tried to get hit by a train with his dog because he is a broke butt bumb that just got kicked out of his apartment because he couldn’t pay the rent. But then in the last second, the dog ran away for its life and the guy followed it like nothing happened. At first I thought this dog was like “Did I just hear my mom howler? Peace.” But then the man was like “Baby come back.” So the doggie was like “Oh gosh, if you say so sir.” Then I was like “Run!, what a dumb bitch.”

Another thing that I thought was interesting was that the old man and the maid lady were close friends and whatever. They both knew each other’s problems, but they could not help each other because they are too busy in their own problems. So they were like so close, but at the same time so far away.

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