Hey to tell you people the truth, I kind of forgot this movie except that it had that hot chick that was in another movie. Wait! Alright i got it now. This guy who did insurance and stuff worked in a insurance firm and got assigned a job to update insurance on this other guy. But that guy was not home, so he stayed and chit-chatted away with that guy’s wife. Apparently she is worried sick about her husband and wants to get him life insurance without him knowing it and she would be glad to pay for it. But this can not be done unless the wife’s husband signs the papers. So somehow the insurance guy realizes what she is doing and wants in because he likes her more than a friend. So together, they trick the wife’s husband to sign the papers for the life insurance and now are planning the husband’s death. So one night the husband makes a trip to go somewhere. But before he can enjoy himself on this trip, the insurance guy and the wife rudely interrupt and murder him in the car on the way to the train. Than the insurance guy dresses up like the husband and goes on the train to make it seem like everything’s fine. So the insurance guy walks to the back of the train and before he jumps off, a man is sitting their and offers a cigarette. But the insurance guy, without showing his face, tells him to get him a cigar. So that guy leaves, and the insurance guy jumps off the train. They plant the husband’s body on the tracks and make it seem like an accident. SO the next day the insurance firm is suspicious about this death and investigate. In the end, the insurance guy found out the wife wanted to kill him too from what the husband guy’s daughter told him about how the wife killed her mother. So the guy killed the wife and got shot doing it and before he died recorded everything to his friend at the insurance firm to get the story straight. SO yeah, great movie.

In this good movie, there were some good shots that were used and that I would love to point out one. In the scene where the wife s planning to murder the insurance guy. The shades are down and the lights were off so it gives an affect that they are behind bars or guilty of the act they committed.

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