Citizen Kane by Orsen Welles is probably one of the most inspirational movies for all film makers still today. This is because of all the different camera angles and experimental shots that were filmed and introduced to the public. It was very risky to try to pull this stunt off since it could have been too much for the public to handle. Since this was the first of its kind to come out those days. Some of the different type of shots that were took were the close ups, darkened scenery, upward toward the ceiling shots and delusional shots. These techniques introduced the world to a whole new look upon directing a film. One of my favorite scenes was towards the end when Kane lost it and ran down the corridor where his never ending reflection off the mirror made it seem he was lost or something. Another scene that gave me the geepers was the scene where it was all weirded out with the bird and that crazy scream.

Not only there were distorted scenes, there was a domineering scene where Kane stands over his wife or whatever and the camera angle was towering over him to show his power over her. Another type of scene that was shot that our professor told us about was the ceiling shot. Supposedly this was the first time the audience saw a ceiling in a movie. Well there is a first time for everything I guess.  These different techniques opened up a door to new ideas in the film business, and showed that person needs creativity and big balls. oh yeah, the movie was good enough.

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