The movie Lady Eve directed by Preston Sturges was very romantic and funny( a chick flick). But for some reason I think everybody liked it because it had a little bit of both genders. For the girls, it gave a romantic background where a girl falls in love with a man she intended to scam money out of. But she calls off the scam and before she could tell the man about it, he finds out and leaves her. But this girl gives people hope because she doesn’t stop trying there. She goes to the man’s party and pretends to be somebody else to win him back. In the end, they fall back in love and I forgot but I believe they get married or something? Yeah, it brought a tear in one of my eyes. For the guys, this movie had a bunch of pretty girls and a nice moral. Watch out for girls who know more card tricks than you or something in those lines. I would like to hear what you think the moral of this movie is please.

I personally liked the movie since it included girls, gambling and a big boat. This had a pretty good story line and shows that a movie does not need massive explosions or Zach Galifanakis to make a generally good movie. People just need to have balls and be creative once in a while. So yup good night people, I’m dizzy haha.

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